Deon Dieleman, founder of Creative-Recording®, has years of experience in audio, working initially in the Netherlands and latterly in Portugal. Deon has worked for the Dutch Radio on many live music projects including jazz - Eric Vloeimans (NL) / John Taylor (UK), contemporary - Ives Ensemble (NL) and World music - the Atlas Ensemble (NL) featuring Gevorg Dabaghyan.

Deon is fully versed in all production processes and personally attends to all EU and international enquiries.


Creative-Recording® Audiovisual Projects is the facilitation and production services arm of our business. Its activities include on-location recording, editing/mixing, mastering and the creation of online media. Our multi-cultural technical and management staff is experienced in working with international musicians, A&R Managers, external technical crews and hospitality facility management.

Through our strong international network we provide a platform that enables both Portuguese and overseas artists to achieve their project goals and ambitions.


Whilst fulfilling the client’s brief is our main aim, we begin each project by discussing production session notes, skilfully guiding them through the production process ensuring everyone is on the same page. We can converse in all major languages to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed with the process for the best results.

Creative-Recording® provides so much more than just technical expertise and quality equipment. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, and with the benefit of an agreeable climate, our location and facilities provide inspiration and an enhanced musical experience.


The Artistic Moments® Jazz Series is an audio-visual conceptual idea inspired by the NYC “From The Basement” TV series, here with a fresh approach to introduce Portuguese musical talent to an international audience. It includes the application of new ideas to video production and audio quality.

The current series is designed to introduce other genres including world, classical, contemporary, Iberian and popular music.


The application of equipment, owned by Creative-Recording® and our partners, is project dependent but whatever the specification, we strive to provide the best quality in audiovisual production, which includes the use of industry standard HD video and High Resolution Audio.

Quality equipment is a key factor in production, alongside the artists and their musical performance, while contact from the engineers can also greatly influence the outcome, contributing to the success of the project.